Did the Prophet’s two hands emerge from the grave during the burial of Fatima al-Zahra?

Question: Did the Prophet’s two hands emerge from the grave during the burial of Fatima al-Zahra? Answer: The

Did Fatima al-Zahra threaten to take off her Hijab?

Question: Did Fatima al-Zahra threaten to take off her Hijab after the attack on her house?! Answer: What

Hadith about the death of Abdullah of Hijaz and the reappearance of Imam Mahdi, are they authentic?

Question: There are some ahadith doing the rounds on social media, can you tell us if they are authentic or if they can be applied to the present situation? 1. From the Messenger of Allah (pbuhaf): Hijaz (Saudi Arabia) will be ruled by a man whose name is the name of an animal(Fahad/leopard), when you

Is it compulsory to boycott companies who support the Zionist state of Israel?

Question: Is boycotting of products made by companies who support the Zionist state obligatory? – What is the scope of this obligation? – Does it include products made in Israel only, or does it also include products made by companies who support Israel financially? – What about companies who ‘sponsor’ Israeli business relations bodies in

What are the rules of Surrogacy in Islam?

Question: If a surrogate mother carries and delivers her sister’s child, who does the child belong to i.e

What is Wilayah Takwiniyah and is it in the Quran and Hadith?

Question: What is the concept of ‘wilayah takwiniyah’ and is there evidence from the Quran regarding it? Why do some scholars reject this belief? Some people have the belief that the Imams have been given command over every single atom in the universe. If this is true, why do they need this type of power

My friend took off her hijab – how should I deal with the situation?

Question: My friend has recently taken her scarf off. What is the best approach for dealing with this? Should I ignore her to make her feel  isolated (socially) – in order to show her that what she done was wrong – or should I remain close to her? Answer: 1. It is correct that sometimes

Can I shake hands with the opposite gender if I have a pure, work-related intention?

Question: Sheikh, I need your advice on the following issue. Please tell me whether I am deluded, or is this mode of thinking justified: I live in Australia, and I have recently begun full-time work and I have unfortunately (and willingly) succumbed to shaking hands with female staff – solely restricting it to a ‘professional’ gesture.

Can Muslims celebrate non-Islamic holidays like the New Year and Christmas?

Question: I’d like to hear about the intention behind an action according to Islam. If I for instance,

Can one begin doing Taqlid by following a deceased Marja’?

Question: I am new to the Ja’afari school of thought, and I had this question: with regards to emulating

Is Islam compatible with the belief of Reincarnation?

Question: Is Islam compatible with the belief of reincarnation? Answer: Reincarnation is the rebirth of the soul in

The recommendation of eating cheese and walnuts together.

Question: Is it true that if you eat too much cheese or cheese without walnuts, it’s not good for your memory? Answer: Yes, eating cheese or walnuts alone is Makrooh (un-recommended). Imam Sadiq (a.s): “Cheese and walnuts heal if they are consumed together, but cause illness if eaten separately.” According to other Ahadeeth, it is also

Is seafood Najis (ritually impure)?

Question: Is seafood Najis (ritually impure)? I was just reading and came across the idea that seafood is Tahir (ritually pure) unlike non-halal meats, is that correct? Answer: No marine creature is Najis even if they die in water. So if you buy fish from a seafood shop and they fry the Halal fish on the same oven

Is krill or krill oil halal (permissible) to eat?

Question: Is krill or krill oil halal? Krill is a type of crustacean, but some crustaceans are halal

Some argue that the Islamic headscarf (hijab) is not ordered in the Quran, is this true?

Question: Regarding the hijab (Islamic woman’s headscarf), some people argue that it’s not Islamic, but rather a Jewish thing, and that

How did Khums come about? Is it based on verse 41 in Surat al-Anfal?

Question: I’d like to know how (khums) came to be. Is it based on this verse from Surat

How do I convince my teenage friend not to wear makeup and perfume in public?

Question: Sheikh, my teenage cousin has been trying to convince her friend not to wear makeup in public.