Any issue with cat hair on prayer clothes?


What is the ruling regarding cat hair or fur coming onto clothes that im using for Salat; I have heard that it is okay if only a few hairs came onto my prayer clothes, is that correct?

Also, is it okay to keep a cat as a pet at home?


Of the conditions of clothing when praying is that it should not be made from the parts of an animal that is not edible. It is narrated from Imam Sadiq (a.s) in an authentic Hadith:

“Surely, praying in the hair, fur, skin, urine, excretion, fat and anything from an animal that is not edible voids the Salāt and it will not be accepted unless the person prays in what Allah has made permissible. Then the Imam said: O’ Zorarah! This is from Allah’s Messenger (P) so, hold on to it.”

(al-Kāfi 3:397)


1) While cat hair is Tahir, praying in a clothing that has cat hair on it is impermissible. However, our jurists disagree on whether one or two hairs would also void the Salāt or not? Majority of our jurists including Ayatullah Khamenei hold that even one hair voids the Salāt. Ayatullah Sistani’s Fatwa, however, is one or two cat hairs do not void the Salāt. As you can see in practice there is not much difference between the Fatawas, and we are all bound to avoid cat hairs.

2) The moisture of a cat, e.g. saliva and wet nose, also voids Salāt if it’s wet and our jurists are unanimous about it.

3) While cat care is recommended in Islam, keeping a cat as a pet should be in accordance with the above rulings. Hair shedding is normal and natural in cats. Therefore, if you wish to keep a cat be extra-cautious for your clothing and place of prayer. Ultimately the best way to avoid their hair and love cats is to keep them outdoors.  

Answered by: Sheikh Mansour Leghaei