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Can I chew gum while fasting?

Question: I read a recent Fatwa from his eminence Ayatullah Sistani that it is permissible when fasting to

Does God reject my dua if I eat haram food?

Question: I recently had a nice conversation with a few brothers regarding the topic of haram (forbidden) food

Is shellac halal to consume?

Question: Is shellac halal (permissible) to consume in Islam? Shellac is a natural gum resin secreted on trees

Alcohol, wine, beer, & ‘non-alcoholic’ drinks from the Islamic perspective?

Question: Can you please comment on alcohol, wine, beer, & so-called non-alcoholic drinks from an Islamic perspective? Answer: 1. In English we usually refer to alcoholic beverages such as wine and beer as ‘alcohol’. However, we should remember that there is no Ayah or Hadith about ‘alcohol’. What we have is about ‘wine’ (‘al-Khamr’ in

Is seafood Najis (ritually impure)?

Question: Is seafood najis (ritually impure)? I was just reading and came across the idea that all seafood, unlike non-halal meat,

Is krill or krill oil halal (permissible) to eat?

Question: Is krill or krill oil halal? Krill is a type of crustacean, but some crustaceans are halal

Is it halal to eat lobster, prawn, or shrimp?

Question: Is it halal to eat lobster, prawn, or shrimp? Please provide details. Answer: Lobster is different from prawn and shrimp. Unlike lobster,

What are the rules on touching or selling bacon and pork?

Question: My wife works in a butcher shop where she needs to slice pork, ham, bacon. She also

Am I allowed to send out emails to haram food stores, offering to promote their products?

Question: Am I allowed to send out emails to haram food stores, offering to promote their products? Or is