Is saying ‘Labbayk Ya Husayn’ a form of shirk (polytheism)?

Question: I am still learning about my religion. I saw an image that read ‘Ya Husayn’. Someone told me that this is a form of shirk (polytheism). That person explained to me that ‘Ya Husayn’ is shirk because it is a call to other than Allah (swt), and the Shia intend with this call to

Meaning of Prophets admitting they don’t have knowledge of Unseen?

Question: What does it mean when Prophets and Imams admit that they do not have knowledge of the

Does Islam accept the modern polytheism?

Question: I was listening to a public speaker who was saying (I’m including whole passages so that I

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Question: I recently had a nice conversation with a few brothers regarding the topic of haram (forbidden) food

What is the meaning of ‘Allahu Akbar’?

Question: What is the actual meaning of the phrase ‘Allahu Akbar’, which is usually written as ‘God is

Who is Allah?

Question: Who is Allah? I understand that he is the God of Muslims and the religion of Islam, but can you please give a short introduction, while explaining the meaning of the word ‘Allah’? Answer: Who is Allah? ‘Allah’ is the Arabic term for the One and only Creator of the universe. It is NOT

Why is God referred to as ‘He’ and not ‘She’?

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What is the criteria for someone to be guided by Allah (swt)?

Question: I have very excellent Muslim friends and there’s this one friend who wasn’t really religious but somehow

Who will go to heaven in Islam?

Question: Who will go to heaven according to Islam, and who will be sent to hell? Answer: A