Was Hijab compulsory during Prophet Muhammad’s time?

Question: Salam Sheikh, Many people here–and there are saying that hijab was not compulsory during the time of the Prophet (S).  They say, the Ayah about wearing the Hijab 24:31 is addressing people who want to be considered Mo’minat (believing women), and not just regular Muslims or even non-Muslims. Others say that the Islamic Hijab

My friend took off her hijab – how should I deal with the situation?

Question: My friend has recently taken her scarf off. What is the best approach for dealing with this?

Can I shake hands with the opposite gender if I have a pure, work-related intention?

Question: Sheikh, I need your advice on the following issue. Please tell me whether I am deluded, or is this mode of thinking justified: I live in Australia, and I have recently begun full-time work and I have unfortunately (and willingly) succumbed to shaking hands with female staff – solely restricting it to a ‘professional’ gesture.

Can Muslims celebrate non-Islamic holidays like the New Year and Christmas?

Question: I’d like to hear about the intention behind an action according to Islam. If I for instance, wish others a happy new year, why am I considered a bad Muslim if my intention is to be humble and respect other people’s culture and days of celebrations?  How is the Islamic code of good ethics

Is duty of wearing hijab stated in Quran?

Question: Regarding the hijab (Muslim woman’s headscarf), some people argue that it’s not Islamic, but rather a Jewish thing, and that

How do I convince my teenage friend not to wear makeup in public?

Question: Sheikh, my teenage cousin has been trying to convince her friend not to wear makeup in public.

Does a women have to cover her chin, or the part below her chin (part of the neck)?

Question: I have a quick question regarding women’s hijab: does the hijab have to cover up to the

Can I take off the hijab to work and help my family?

Question: My mother is ill and needs help, I would like to take off my hijab so I

Is a woman allowed to pluck her eyebrows?

Question: Is a woman allowed to pluck her eyebrows? Answer: Plucking the eyebrows in sense of just removing

How to deal with constant arguments affecting my marriage?

Question: My husband and I have many bad arguments. He will sometimes remain angry at me for days,