Do I have to vote in non-Muslim country’s elections?

Question: I am an Australian Muslim. There is an election coming up on 18 May 2019. I am contemplating on writing to the Electoral Commission in order to be exempted from voting. I would like to know if Islamically I can be exempted from voting in a non-Islamic country? Answer: Attending or not attending an

Do Quranic verses on slavery apply today?

Question: Since the Quran is timeless, how do we reconcile the verses on slavery for the modern day? Do we take every verse literally, or are there certain verses we should take with a lesser measure of zeal? In other words, are these verses specific to the time of 600CE wartime-Hijaz only? Or are they

What is Islam’s view of Art & Creativity?

Question: What does Islam say about art & creativity? Answer: What is Art? Art is the spontaneous reflection of the artist’s heart and soul through which his thoughts, feelings, and sensations find their way to the outer world. Only an artist allows this smooth transfer using his words, drawings, music, or any other form of

If Islam is a religion of peace, why are so many terrorist attacks carried out by Muslims?

Question: Islam is often called by Muslims a ‘religion of peace’ – but how can this be the case when so many terrible acts in the world today are being committed by Muslims? Answer: It is easy to fall into the trap of Fox news and other mainstream news outlets to blame Islam and Muslims

Hadith about the death of Abdullah of Hijaz and the reappearance of Imam Mahdi, are they authentic?

Question: There are some ahadith doing the rounds on social media, can you tell us if they are authentic or if they can be applied to the present situation? 1. From the Messenger of Allah (pbuhaf): Hijaz (Saudi Arabia) will be ruled by a man whose name is the name of an animal(Fahad/leopard), when you

How important is it to attend rallies and protests in solidarity with Palestine?

Question: How important is it to attend rallies and protests in solidarity with Palestine? Usually most of the flags and banners in these rallies are related to Palestine. However, does the presence of a wide range of flags and banners including the flags of various countries, flags of some Wahhabi movements and flags of socialist

Is it compulsory to boycott companies who support the Zionist state of Israel?

Question: Is boycotting of products made by companies who support the Zionist state obligatory? – What is the

What is our duty towards the oppression of the Shia and occupied Palestine, which takes priority?

Question: In this time when countries with majority Shi’a populations are being attacked, what is our duty towards

Should I support Al-Quds Day?

Question: Should I support the Al-Quds Day event and participate in the rallies? Some Shia brothers and sisters I know don’t attend it because they take a sectarian look. They view Palestinians as Sunnis before being Muslims. While other Shias I know say that their participation in the rallies will not change anything anyway. What is the correct

What does Islam say about racism towards other races and nationalities?

Question: I am a new revert to Islam. I have read and heard bad things towards the black race within Shia Islam and even racism within the Shia community. What is the Islamic view on racism and what do Ahlul Bayt say about joking and being racist towards other races and nationalities? Answer: Allah (swt)