Social Issues

Do I have to vote in non-Muslim country’s elections?

Question: I am an Australian Muslim. There is an election coming up on 18 May 2019. I am contemplating on writing to the Electoral Commission in order to be exempted from voting. I would like to know if Islamically I can be exempted from voting in a non-Islamic country? Answer: Attending or not attending an

Was Prophet Muhammad’s marriage to Aisha a pedophilic relationship?

Question: A friend of mine is very anti-Islam and has a very negative attitude towards Islam and Muslims. One of his arguments is about the age of Aisha, one of the Prophet’s wives. He says that she was only 9 years old when the Prophet Muhammad married her, while he was much older, and hence

Do Quranic verses on slavery apply today?

Question: Since the Quran is timeless, how do we reconcile the verses on slavery for the modern day? Do we take every verse literally, or are there certain verses we should take with a lesser measure of zeal? In other words, are these verses specific to the time of 600CE wartime-Hijaz only? Or are they

What is Islam’s view of Art & Creativity?

Question: What does Islam say about art & creativity? Answer: What is Art? Art is the spontaneous reflection of the artist’s heart and soul through which his thoughts, feelings, and sensations find their way to the outer world. Only an artist allows this smooth transfer using his words, drawings, music, or any other form of

Should I stop fasting during pregnancy?

Question: I have a question regarding fasting while pregnant. I am a pregnant lady. Two days ago I

How do I stop wasting time?

Question: In the age of computer gaming, smart phones, endless numbers of Apps, and Whatsapp – in other

A guy wants to get to know me through Mut’a (temporary marriage), what to do?

Question: I am writing to you regarding a question about Mut’a (temporary marriage). I am very confused as to what I should do. I am 18, and recently a boy the same age as me asked for my hand in marriage, but that this is for the coming years, when he becomes independent. He has

If Islam is a religion of peace, why are so many terrorist attacks carried out by Muslims?

Question: Islam is often called by Muslims a ‘religion of peace’ – but how can this be the case when so many terrible acts in the world today are being committed by Muslims? Answer: It is easy to fall into the trap of Fox news and other mainstream news outlets to blame Islam and Muslims

Can a woman attain high spiritual and intellectual levels in Islam?

Question: In Islamic lectures and seminars we hear a lot about male scholars and their achievements, especially about how

Can a Muslim be a godfather or godmother to a non-Muslim child?

Question: My best friend is Christian and gave birth to her third son 3 months ago. Alhamdullilah I