The Hereafter

Do Angels really have wings, or is this a Christian belief?

Question: In a recent lecture I heard from a scholar, he said that the idea that Angels have

Do humans have any influence on their time of death?

Question: I have a question concerning the timing of death. Do humans have any influence/control on their time

Is Islam compatible with the belief of Reincarnation?

Question: Is Islam compatible with the belief of reincarnation? Answer: Reincarnation is the rebirth of the soul in

2:123: The meaning of ‘Be on guard against a day when intercession will not profit any soul’

Question: I was just going through this verse and have a question, maybe you could elaborate. My question

Who will go to heaven in Islam?

Question: Who will go to heaven according to Islam, and who will be sent to hell? Answer: A

The meaning of Ayah 7:179: “Surely We have created many of the jinn and mankind for Hell”?

Question: One of the Ayat discussing people who have focused on materialistic aspects of life is “Surely We

If a sinful person said the declaration of faith, will he surely go to Heaven after being purified?

Question: If a person has said the Shahada (the declaration of faith), then no matter how many sins

Is it fair that God punishes sinners for eternity in the next world for their sins?

Question: Allah has set up punishment 1000 times worse than the  torments in this world, that will last for eternity and not for

Can we put flowers on graves, & can the dead really hear & see us?

Question: Is it haram (forbidden) to put flowers on the graves of dead people? Also, my husband’s uncle is

Do our deceased relatives listen and respond to us if they want?

Question: Do our marhumeens (passed away relatives) listen to us and can they respond to us if they want?