Does the Qur’an permit same-sex marriage?

Question: Salam dear sheikh, Today there are some so called “gay Imams” or other self-proclaimed scholars who claim Islam does not condemn homosexuality. They claim for example that the following Ayah indicates that marriage between the same sex is permissible: “And marry the unmarried among you.” [24:32] They say the above Ayah clearly allows marrying any unmarried

On distortion of ‘Fatima is a part of me’ hadith by Ahlul Bayt’s enemies

Question: I read somewhere that the Holy Prophet (s) said “Fatima is a part of me, and he

Does Islam condone Sayyed families rejecting non-Sayyeds for marriage?

Question: I have heard of some Sayyed families who apparently rejected very pious young men because they were

Was Prophet Muhammad’s marriage to Aisha a pedophilic relationship?

Question: A friend of mine is very anti-Islam and has a very negative attitude towards Islam and Muslims. One of his arguments is about the age of Aisha, one of the Prophet’s wives. He says that she was only 9 years old when the Prophet Muhammad married her, while he was much older, and hence

A guy wants to get to know me through Mut’a (temporary marriage), what to do?

Question: I am writing to you regarding a question about Mut’a (temporary marriage). I am very confused as to what I should do. I am 18, and recently a boy the same age as me asked for my hand in marriage, but that this is for the coming years, when he becomes independent. He has

Negative consequences of watching pornography?

Question: I have come to know that people from our own community cannot get rid of their bad habits and sins. I have heard about sins and how to get rid of them by learning what their consequences are both in this world and the next. Could you please tell me what are the consequences of

How important are Islamic values when choosing a spouse?

Question: I have been faced with a wedding proposal. I have spoken with the guy with the permission

How to repent from being in a haraam relationship (boyfriend/girlfriend)

Question: I was in a relationship outside of marriage with a girl for over 5 years, she was

Can one change their marja’ on selected issues only?

Question: Can one change their marja’ on selected issues only? For example is it okay to follow Marja’

Can a woman marry a man who commits fornication?

Question: Is it okay for a woman who is a virgin to marry a man who commits fornication