What is Wilayah Takwiniyah and is it in the Quran and Hadith?

Question: What is the concept of ‘wilayah takwiniyah’ and is there evidence from the Quran regarding it? Why

Is Islam compatible with the belief of Reincarnation?

Question: Is Islam compatible with the belief of reincarnation? Answer: Reincarnation is the rebirth of the soul in

2:123: The meaning of ‘Be on guard against a day when intercession will not profit any soul’

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Did Prophet Solomon slash his horses’ legs, & did he command the sun to return? (38: 31-33)

Question: In regards to the ayat of Surat Saad: 38:31-33, some interpretations have been offered, some supported by

What constitutes rape in Islam, what is the punishment and how is it proven?

Question: What is the punishment for rape? How is it proven? Is DNA/CCTV sufficient enough? How about rape

Is it permissible to receive a disability pension?

Question: My Husband has health problems like Rheumatism, back discopathie and Bowel disorder. We live in a country

What is the criteria for someone to be guided by Allah (swt)?

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Will anyone who is not a Shia enter paradise?

Question: Is it possible for someone who is not a Shia to enter paradise? Why or why not?

Is there any mention of Imams in the Holy Quran?

Question: Is there any mention of the concept of “Imamah” (Divine Leadership) in the Holy Qur’an? Answer: The

A sister wants to convert to Islam, how does she do it and are witnesses required?

Question: A sister wants to convert to the beautiful religion of Islam, how does she say the shahada