Holy Quran

Is reward of reciting Holy Qur’an from physical book applicable to screens?

Question: There are ahadith (narrations) like the one below that state that reading the Holy Qur’an by looking at the

Do Quranic verses on slavery apply today?

Question: Since the Quran is timeless, how do we reconcile the verses on slavery for the modern day? Do we take every verse literally, or are there certain verses we should take with a lesser measure of zeal? In other words, are these verses specific to the time of 600CE wartime-Hijaz only? Or are they

How can we prove the divine nature of the Holy Quran?

 Question: How can we prove the divine nature of the Holy Quran – that it was revealed to Prophet Muhammad and not man-made? Answer: This question can be approached from two different angles. The first angle is to ask if Muhammad (s) was truly a prophet and not an imposter. This question could be asked about

What are the merits of reciting Surat Yaseen?

Question: What are the merits of reciting Surat Yaseen? Answer: The reward and merits of reciting, memorizing, teaching,

When were dots added to Arabic letters of Holy Quran?

Question: It is said that in early times, Arabs did not add dots to certain letters as is written today. How did the inclusion of dots in the Arabic language develop over time, and to what extent could this change and confuse meaning over the centuries, especially regarding the sensitive process of transmission of the

How important is knowledge in the Holy Quran?

Question: Can you please list the references to Ayat in the Holy Quran which highlight the status and

What are some of the proofs for the truth and authenticity of the Holy Quran?

Question: What are some of the proofs for the truth and authenticity of the Holy Quran? Answer: Proofs for the Truth and

What is the meaning of the word ‘Quran’?

Question: Can you explain why the holy book of Islam is called ‘Quran’? What does it actually mean? Answer: Among all the different names given to this Holy Scripture, `the Quran` (al-Quran) is the most common and famous of them all. This is a name that the Almighty Allah has given to the Book. From