How do I stop wasting time?

Question: In the age of computer gaming, smart phones, endless numbers of Apps, and Whatsapp – in other

A guy wants to get to know me through Mut’a (temporary marriage), what to do?

Question: I am writing to you regarding a question about Mut’a (temporary marriage). I am very confused as to what I should do. I am 18, and recently a boy the same age as me asked for my hand in marriage, but that this is for the coming years, when he becomes independent. He has

Is duty of wearing hijab stated in Quran?

Question: Regarding the hijab (Muslim woman’s headscarf), some people argue that it’s not Islamic, but rather a Jewish thing, and that

How do I convince my teenage friend not to wear makeup in public?

Question: Sheikh, my teenage cousin has been trying to convince her friend not to wear makeup in public.

Negative consequences of watching pornography?

Question: I have come to know that people from our own community cannot get rid of their bad habits and sins. I have heard about sins and how to get rid of them by learning what their consequences are both in this world and the next. Could you please tell me what are the consequences of

How to repent from being in a haraam relationship (boyfriend/girlfriend)

Question: I was in a relationship outside of marriage with a girl for over 5 years, she was

I am trying quit the sin of masturbation, do I need to repeat my prayers from the last 40 days?

Question: I have heard that if a Muslim masturbates, his prayers, duas and fasts are not accepted for

I am trying to quit weed, do I need to do a ghusl and change my clothes to pray?

Question: I pray 5 times a day but I have a very bad habit of smoking Hash (weed)

Can I smoke a shisha pen? It’s similar to argeeleh or the hookah

Question: Nowadays a new trend is out for this the shisha pen, are we allowed to do this?

Can I draw pictures of living creatures?

Question: Can I draw pictures of living creatures? I love drawing I was thinking about drawing the story