Attributes of Allah

Who is Allah?

Question: Who is Allah? I understand that he is the God of Muslims and the religion of Islam, but can you please give a short introduction, while explaining the meaning of the word ‘Allah’? Answer: Who is Allah? ‘Allah’ is the Arabic term for the One and only Creator of the universe. It is NOT

Why is God referred to as ‘He’ and not ‘She’?

Question: I was giving an Islamic lesson to some kids recently, and one young girl asked: why is

Isn’t it wrong to believe that Imam Mahdi sees and knows everything we do?

Question: I am a revert, and I am afraid of committing shirk (associating partners with Allah). I want to know,

I have read & heard that Allah has human features, like face, hands, feet, is this correct?

Question: As a young kid in primary school I was asked to draw ‘God’, but I believed that it

How can I prove Islam to a deist (who believes in a Creator that is uninvolved in our lives)?

Question: How can I prove Islam to someone who is a deist, who only believes in a creator

Is God in Islam All-Loving like in Christianity?

Question: Dr William Craig is clearly one of the most prominent Christian philosophers today. He appears extensively in