Individual Issues

What is Islam’s view of Art & Creativity?

Question: What does Islam say about art & creativity? Answer: What is Art? Art is the spontaneous reflection of the artist’s heart and soul through which his thoughts, feelings, and sensations find their way to the outer world. Only an artist allows this smooth transfer using his words, drawings, music, or any other form of

How do I stop wasting time?

Question: In the age of computer gaming, smart phones, endless numbers of Apps, and Whatsapp – in other

Negative consequences of watching pornography?

Question: I have come to know that people from our own community cannot get rid of their bad habits and sins. I have heard about sins and how to get rid of them by learning what their consequences are both in this world and the next. Could you please tell me what are the consequences of

I have committed fornication, how can I repent?

Question: I have committed the act of zina (fornication), how can I repent? Answer: Sex outside a relationship

Can we keep pictures and photos of family and friends?

Question: Is it permissible for me to keep pictures and photos at home and on my computer? The

I don’t talk to my brother for several reasons, though I heard this is wrong to do in Islam?

Question: I don’t talk to my brother for several reasons; first, he specifically told me not to talk to him

How do I prevent evil and satanic thoughts from coming to my mind?

Question: Recently, when I’m praying, I have been going off topic and saying bad things in my head

How can I fully refrain from recommitting a sin that I’ve recently fell for again?

Question: With regards to someone is doing well in refraining from doing certain haram (forbidden) acts then suddenly goes through

What are the Islamic boundaries and guidelines for writing fictional stories?

Question: I was trying to research the topic of “Fictional Writing in Islam” (novels). I wanted to know