What are the merits of reciting Surat Yaseen?


What are the merits of reciting Surat Yaseen?


The reward and merits of reciting, memorizing, teaching, learning and reflecting upon the blessed Surat Yaseen is much more than I could comprehend or share with you. The following are just some of the main references about its merits:

1)      Imam Sadiq (a.s): Teach your children Surat Yaseen for it is the sweet flower (Rayhanah) of the Qur’an. (al-Borhan, vol.4 p.562)

2)      Imam Sadiq (a.s): Surely, there is a heart for everything and the heart of the Qur’an is Yaseen. So, whoever recites it during the daytime he will be among those who are protected and provided (by Allah). Whoever recites it at night time before he sleeps, one thousand angels will be appointed to protect him against any cast devil and any harm, and if he (happens to) die while he is asleep, Allah will admit him to Paradise and thirty thousand angels will attend his ritual bathing, seeking God’s forgiveness for him, and escort him to his grave while seeking God’s forgiveness for him. Then once he is buried in his grave they will accompany him in his grave while they worship God, sending (dedicating) the reward of their worship to him. Then his grave will be as spacious as his sight could see, and he will be secured from the Pressure of the Grave. Also, a light will constantly rise from his grave to heaven until (the time that) he will be resurrected from his grave. Then he will be escorted by angels while they speak to him and make him feel happy with glad tidings, until he passes through the Path and the Scale. Then he will be accommodated in a place that none other than the near angels and Prophets will be higher than him. Then he will stand before Allah along with the Prophets without any grief or worry. Then the Almighty Allah will tell him: My slave! Intercede for whoever you want. I accept your intercession. And ask Me, and I (will) grant.” (Majma’ul-Bayan vol. 8, p.647)

3)      The Holy Prophet (P):   Whoever recites Surat Yaseen seeking God’s pleasure, the Almighty Allah will forgive him and grant him the reward of reciting the whole Qur’an twelve times. When Surat Yaseen is recited around a patient, for every letter of the Surah angels will be standing right before him seeking God’s forgiveness for him. Any dying person that recites Surat Yaseen or it is recited for him, the Guard of Paradise will visit him with a heavenly drink to quench him while his soul is departing, until he enters Paradise. (Ibid)

4)      The Holy Prophet (P): Surat Yaseen is called in Torah ‘the Inclusive’. The Prophet was asked why it was called ‘the Inclusive’. He replied: For it includes the virtues of this world and the next; it repels the calamities of this world from its reciter as well as the horror of the hereafter. (Noorul-Thaqalayn vol. 4 p.373)

5)      Imam Ali (a.s): By He who sent Muhammad (P) truly as a Prophet and honoured his Family, there is no protection (that) you need but it is in the Qur’an, so whoever wishes to know anything let him ask me. A man stood up and asked: O’ Commander of the believers! I have lost my camel. The Imam said: Recite a two Rak’at Salat with Surat Yaseen in each Rak’at. The man offered the Salat and God returned his camel to him. (al-Kaafi, vol. 2 p. 624)

6)      The Holy Prophet (P): I would love to see Surat Yaseen in the heart of every person in my community. (al-Dorrul-Manthour vol. 5 p. 256)

7)      The Holy Prophet (P): Whoever visits his (deceased) parents every week (or every Friday) and recites Surat Yaseen above their graves, God will forgive him for every single letter of it. (Ibid)

8)      The Holy Prophet (P): “Surely there is a Surah in the Qur’an that is called with Allah: ‘The Great’, and he who has it with him (in his heart) is called with Allah ‘the Noble’. He will intercede on the Resurrection Day more than the tribes of Rabi’ah and Modhar. That is Surat Yaseen.” (Ibid)

9)      The late Ayatullah Mojtaba Qazwini Khorasani: Recite Surat Yaseen every night before you sleep. But recite fourteen Salawat before and after you recite the Surah.

Answered by: Sheikh Mansour Leghaei