I don’t talk to my brother for several reasons, though I heard this is wrong to do in Islam?


I don’t talk to my brother for several reasons; first, he specifically told me not to talk to him anymore; secondly, he doesn’t pray when I remind him and he looks at me in a weird way. I heard a hadith that said if you don’t talk to a Muslim for more then three days, you both will receive bad deeds. I don’t know wether this is harram or not, and if my prayers and my dua towards Allah for my brother are accepted?


God willing, your prayers and supplications for your brother will be answered. Try to remind him to perform his religious duties in a gentle and kind way, and avoid breaking relations with him or not talking to him. It is an obligation in Islam to maintain close relations with our families, especially our parents and siblings, so try to start talking to him again as soon as possible.

But if for the time being it is not possible for you to verbally communicate with him, at least pray for his guidance as this is also an example of keeping the bond of relation.

Answered by: Dr Ali Alsamail
Certified by: Sheikh Mansour Leghaei