Is it permissible in Islam to get a tattoo?


I would like to know if tattoos are permissible or not? If they are, can I have a tattoo of the name of Karbala in homage of what happened to Imam Hussain (as)? Can I also have a tattoo of any of the shrines of the Imams? If it is halal can I have one anywhere on my body?


Jurisprudentially, tattoos are halal (permissible).

However, one needs to think very carefully about getting a tattoo, as removing this tattoo can be very difficult, and it is not a decision one can easily reverse. In addition to this, ethically it may not be appropriate for a believer to get a tattoo.

One should not tattoo the names of Allah the Exalted on their body, nor the names of the Infallible Prophets and Imams (as). If one is tattooing other holy things (e.g. pictures of shrines), they should not put the tattoo in a place which may disrespect those holy shrines.

Answered by: Dr Ali Alsamail
Certified by: Sheikh Mansour Leghaei