What are the Islamic boundaries and guidelines for writing fictional stories?


I was trying to research the topic of “Fictional Writing in Islam” (novels). I wanted to know the boundaries and guidelines for fictional writing in Islam. My  previous understanding was that only shirk (polytheism) and illicities were to be avoided in writings. When I looked into the possibility of being an author I wanted more information. I was unable to find adequate information via internet and ebooks.

My question is: what are the boundaries and guidelines of fictional writing as it pertains to novels/stories in Islam?


The following things are to be avoided in fiction or non-fiction writing: Description of sinful scenes including sex scenes, intimate scenes, gatherings of sin etc, depictions which encourage sin e.g. depicting a sinful protagonist in a positive light (e.g. glorifying a gangster or adulterer), themes that go against the values and morals of Islam (e.g chastity) or that show Muslims in a bad light before non-Muslims, and themes that promote false ideologies (e.g. atheism).

This list is of course not exhaustive.

Answered by: Dr Ali Alsamail
Certified by: Sheikh Mansour Leghaei