If a sinful person said the declaration of faith, will he surely go to Heaven after being purified?


If a person has said the Shahada (the declaration of faith), then no matter how many sins he may have committed, will he still go to paradise after he has been purified in hell? For example, people like Saddam, or a normal muslim who dosen’t pray?


One: If a Muslim believer wishes to enter Heaven, they must repent from the sins they have committed. However, this itself is not enough, as one must free their responsibility of fulfilling the rights of others if they have wronged anyone. If one has taken any money or right from another person, he must return it, or seek forgiveness from that person for them to be content with him.

Two: If a person spends their whole life in not believing and having no faith, it is not the case that by saying the Shahadah alone he/she will enter Heaven. Along with the Testimony of Faith, one must believe in the fundamentals of the religion, and commence with righteousness and noble acts.

As far as purification is concerned, this will depend on the severity of their acts.

Answered by: Sheikh Zaid Alsalami