Do our deceased relatives listen and respond to us if they want?


Do our marhumeens (passed away relatives) listen to us and can they respond to us if they want?


The souls in Barzakh can hear us and can benefit from our visits and our prayer for them. They also visit their families and see what is happenning to them.

When Imam al-Sadiq (as) was asked about whether we should visit graves and whether the people of Barzakh realised we are visiting them, he (as) said: “Yes, by Allah!They surely understand your visit, feel delighted and enjoy your company.” (al-Faqih 1:115).

“A believer (in Barzakh) visits his family and sees that which he would like and that which he would hate is veiled from him. A disbeliever visits his family and sees what he would hate and what he would like is veiled from him. Some are allowed to visit every week, while others are allowed to visit according to their actions” (al-Kafi, 3:230).

However, if they do respond, we usually cannot hear their response.