Is it halal to eat lobster, prawn, or shrimp?


Is it halal to eat lobster, prawn, or shrimp? Please provide details.


Lobster is different from prawn and shrimp. Unlike lobster, prawn and shrimp belong to the scaled fish family and we have particular Hadith that prawn is Halal but lobster is Haraam.

1. As for the prohibition of lobster:


The word in red means lobster and Imam Khadhem (a.s) clearly has said it’s not Halal to eat.

2. As for the permissibility of prawn and shrimp:


Again the word in red in the Hadith means: shrimp or prawn, and Imam Kadhem (a.s) says that it is Halal and it’s a kind of fish.

Both narrations are authentic.

Answered by: Sheikh Mansour Leghaei