Is it necessary to disclose past sins to a potential husband/wife?


I am born Muslim but never practiced islam properly until a few months now. In the past however, I committed zinnah (fornication) and other sins when I wasn’t practicing. I am repenting to Allah for my past sins and I have changed my ways, I am following the right way and have taken on the hijab as well. I have found a good Muslim man to marry but I am scared to tell him about my past. Especially about not being a virgin. Is it required to tell him before marriage?


Islamically, it is highly discouraged to divulge our sins to anyone.

However, if the husband makes it a condition that his wife be a virgin, or you know that he considers this a condition, then he has the right to anull the marriage if he later finds out that the wife is not a virgin.

Answered by: Dr Ali Alsamail
Certified by: Sheikh Mansour Leghaei