Can a Shia man marry a Sunni woman?


Can a Shia man marry a Sunni women? And how would they tell their parents about this as most parents do not prefer their child marrying from a different sect?


Although it is jurisprudentially permissible for a Shi’a man to marry a Sunni girl, it is not recommended considering the confusion interfaith marriages will bring to children. Also, in our modern society children are under great influence from their mothers – as they spend more time with them – and as such a Shi’a man should consider the possibity of their mother’s beliefs influencing the children. Experience has shown that the more compatibility between husband and wife, the more guarantee for a smooth future relationship.

Surely, compatibility of faith is a major issue. Those who pray together, live together. Consider the fact that the mosques where they pray, and observe their Islamic occasions, and celebrate Eid e.t.c, will be different. Their diet will be often different as in the Sunni Fiqh all seafood and Kosher are Halal etc.

This is all if the girl does not have an anti-Shi’a belief, otherwise it is forbidden. Imam Baqir (a.s) had a Sunni wife, but once she insulted Imam Ali (a.s) and the Imam divorced her. When he was asked for the reason, he said: “I did not like a piece of (hell) Fire touching my body.”

Also, for a Shi’a girl to marry a Sunni boy is not recommended.

Answered by: Sheikh Mansour Leghaei