Why do women have to wear hijab and not men?


Why do women have to wear hijab and not men?


We need to answer this question from two angles:

  1. To understand the anatomical, as well psychological differences between men and women. In a nutshell, the women’s body is hairless and more attractive to men. Of all her organs there are certain parts that psychologists call ‘female body hot spots’, such as hair, chest, legs and bottoms[1]. Displaying and adorning these parts have a grave influence in provoking men’s sexual desire. For example, if a woman smells the perfume of a gentleman, she may only enjoy its smell, whereas for a man her perfume is sexually provocative.
  2. To understand the function of clothing:

There are two famous theories in psychology about the function of clothing; protection theory and seduction theory.

According to the first theory the primary motivation of clothing has been to protect the body against physical and psychological (moral) dangers.

Physical danger:

  • weather : cold, hot,
  • accidents : in dangerous occupations such as sports and some other crafts,
  • human or animal enemies,

Psychological (Moral) danger against:

  • indecency and immodesty
  • sexual assault

Women’s covering the body as well as the body shape in front of a non-Mahram not only protects her against sexual harassment, it also protects families from falling apart.

[1] [1] Malcolm Barnard, ‘Fashion as Communication’

Sheikh Mansour Leghaei