Why do I feel less spiritual when serving my parents, as opposed to supplicating to God e.t.c?


I understand that if we want a boost in our spirituality, we should do our best to serve and please our parents, but why doI feel less spiritual when I am running around doing erands for them, as opposed to doing dua (supplications) and constantly communicating with God e.t.c?


We all feel the same, because we have wrong measures of marking ourselves. We mistakenly assume that spirituality is by merely wheeping and crying, but that’s a very easy way (to sit at the corner of a mosque and keep reading Du’as), the harder way is by being obedient to His Commands even if I don’t get much senses out of it. Imagine, Prophet Ibrahim’s status was elevated when he willingly tried to slaughter his son (at God’s command), not by merely praying.

Answered by: Sheikh Mansour Leghaei