What kind of dancing and music is allowed in marriage ceremonies?


How should one go about celebrating and allowing family members to celebrate a wedding? What type of singing in an all ladies wedding gathering is considered Haraam? What is allowed?

When hosting a separated wedding, is it true that pictures with non-mahram family members are not allowed if the bride is wearing makeup? How should one go about handling this situation ?


Specifically during weddings and specifically for ladies, they can listen to any type of music as long as the words of the song are not haram, which includes songs about sex, violence, drugs, adultery, and also includes love songs.

Celebrating a wedding should be done without any haram things such as alcohol, mixing of genders, haram music or songs. Dancing is also not allowed except if women are dancing in a ladies only gathering and they are not dancing in an arousing way, and the songs are not haram.

For those who follow Ayatollah Sistani (h.a.) though, his ruling is that woman to woman dancing is not allowed according to obligatory precaution, but the wife dancing for her husband is allowed without music.

If the bride is not wearing hijab or has a lot of make up, she should not be seen by non-mahram, and should only take photos with mahram family members.