What is the real meaning of Allah’s anger?


What is the real meaning of Allah’s anger ( غضب )?


غضب (anger) is one of the literally common terms used both for God and for us.

As for us, it is an emotion that leads to some tough and rough actions against someone.

This of course is impossible in the realm of divinity as God doesn’t have any emotions. God’s anger therefore is when God keeps someone – due to his wrong doing- away from His mercy. In other words, anger in God means his punishment.

Imam Baqir (a.s): غضب الله عقابه یا عمرو من ظن انّ الله یغیره شیء فقد کفر (“The anger of God means His chastisment, whoever assumes that God is subject to changes, has disbelief in God”) (Behar 4:68).

Sheikh Mansour Leghaei