What is best way to know which spiritual diseases I have?


What is the best way to identify which spiritual diseases we have?

How do we know for sure that we have envy, pride, or anger e.t.c.?

Is it possible that we can fool ourselves into thinking we have or don’t have certain vices?


Firstly, normally if we think about it, we are in fact really aware of our mistakes.  The Almighty God states: “Rather, man has insight (and intuitive knowledge) against himself, though he may put forth his excuses (to cover his evil deeds).” (75:14-15).

Otherwise, usually we can find out about ourselves through people who live with us. Just ask them to be honest with you and comment on your behaviour. If different people comment on a particular behaviour then we should take it seriously and work on it.

Answered by: Sheikh Mansour Leghaei

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