Why do the prayers of the Prophets in the Qurán start with “Rabbana”


Why do the prayers of the Prophets in the Holy Qurán start with “Rabbana” ربنا ?
For example :  ربنا هب لنا , ربنا اتنا في الدنيا حسنه


The divine attribute of “Ar-Rabb” (الربّ) literally means to gradually nurture something or someone towards their perfection. Thus, parental responsibility is التربیۀ -to nurture their children. و قل رب ارحمهما کما ربیانی صغیرا.

Therefore, Ar-Rabb means the cherisher and the nurturer, and ‘lord’ is not an accurate translation. This attribute of nurturing and cherishing, when used alone, it should be used only for Allah (SWT). Some scholars believe that Ar-Rabb is the Great Name (الاسم الاعظم) of God, because any blessing for our perfection will be given to us by pleading to Ar-Rabb. i.e. the blessing of knowledge: ربّ زدنی علما, or any other blessing رب انی لما انزلت الیّ من خیر فقیر. It is for this reason that most supplications begin with ‘Ya Rabb’

The Almighty Allah (SWT) has promised to grant a supplication when the supplicant beseeches to Ar-Rabb: ادعوا ربکم فاستجاب لهم ربهم.

Considering the nurturing nature of Ar-Rabb, it is narrated that “whoever mentions Ya Rabb much, Allah (SWT) will protect him with regards to his  children.” (al-Kaf’ami)

Answered by: Sheikh Mansour Leghaei

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