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What are the Islamic rules for TV, Music and Social Networks?


Is it okay to listen to music that doesn’t say anything bad about religion, or the content doesn’t mean anything, is that okay? Also, what are the guidelines for watching TV shows/movies, and using social networks?


1. The following factors make music/a song haram:

– If the music itself (the tune, instruments etc…) is music which is usually used in gatherings of sin, like nightclubs, rock concerts etc…

– If the words contain haram content (e.g. sex, drug use, violence). This includes so-called ‘love songs’, which transmit false romantic notions

– If a woman is singing, a man cannot listen to the song

Therefore, if the music you are listening to contains any of the above, it is haram to listen to.

2. The following factors make a TV show haram:

– If it contains any haram music/singing as described above

– If it contains any sexually explicit content or other haram content (e.g. portrayal of extreme violence/drug use etc…)

– If it has anti-Islamic messages

3. Using social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter is okay as long as one avoids doing anything haram through the use of these sites. Some common things to look out for include:

– Posting inappropriate photos of yourself or others

– Using obscene language

– Sharing Islamically inappropriate material (eg. music videos)

– Inappropriate interaction with the opposite gender


Answered by: Dr Ali Alsamail
Certified by: Sheikh Mansour Leghaei