Since men are suppose to fight in war,how can women also reach the highest level in heaven?


I had a discussion recently about the highest state to reach in jannah (heaven) and martyrs. The person I talked to said that the highest level you get from Allah (swt) is when you die while performing jihad for Allah (swt). He means in a war situation and fighting and dying for Allah (swt), and this is how you get the most highest level.

Then I asked well, only men can fight in jihad war situation, so you say that Islam doesn’t allow women to be on the highest level as well? Then he said, only if women in war situation get murdered.

Its like he is saying men are more above women and men have the number one ticket to the highest level of paradise. Women can be there too but only if they get murdered in a war situation?

And then I said, well jihad is not only about war, jihad means to struggle for Allah’s sake. So women can come to the highest level too?


The Almighty God is the Creator of genders and to Him there is no difference between males and females. Thus, He has promised ultimate prosperity, success, as well as nearness to Him for whoever purifies themselves.

For example, consider the following Ayaat of the Quran:

1. and whoever does righteous good deeds whether a male or a female while being a believer they will enter Paradise. (4:124)

2. Whoever does good whether a male or a female while being a believer We shall certainly give them a pure life (in the hereafter in Paradise). (16:97)

As for the high status of marytrs in Paradise, there is no doubt about it, however, there are also narrations that the ink of the pen of a scholar is more virtuous to God than the blood of a martyr. Moreover, it is narrated from the holy Prophet (P) to have said: “Jihad of a woman is to be a good wife for her husband.”

May God bless us all to be His obedient slaves whether males or females.

Answered by: Sheikh Mansour Leghaei