Should I stop fasting during pregnancy?


I have a question regarding fasting while pregnant. I am a pregnant lady. Two days ago I started to notice the baby kicking more than usual while I’m fasting, and I’m also feeling hungry and thirsty more than usual (I didn’t feel that way in my other pregnancies while fasting).

I am not sure whether I should stop fasting for a couple of days a week to maintain hydration for the baby’s sake? Would you be able to help me with this issue?


Fasting, especially in the long days of summer, is risky for pregnant women, particularly during the first and last three months of pregnancy. Therefore, you are exempt from fasting if:

1) you are sure you can’t fast
2) It is too difficult for you to fast
3) you have a sensible concern that it harms yourself or your baby
4) your doctor professionally advises that fasting may harm the baby due to the lack of required nutrition and protein.

You should however keep the record of the days you didn’t fast to make them up in the future. Also, you need to pay an amount equal to 750 grams of wheat or rice to the poor Muslims.

God willing you will have a safe pregnancy and easy delivery, and please don’t forget to increase your spiritual diet during your pregnancy, especially reading or listening to the holy Qur’an.

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Answered by: Sheikh Mansor Leghaei

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