Is there any proof that the Jews said that Uzair (Ezra) was son of God, as the Quran says?


The Quran states that: Jews said the Uzair (Ezra) was Ibn Allah (son of God). Is there any proof for that?


Please consider the following points:

a) First of all, the Quran does not say that this was the opinion of all the Jews throughout history, as believing in the divinity of Jesus has not been the belief of all Christians throughout history. So, the Quran is talking about the Jewish and the Christian communities residing in Madina at that time.

b) Whether Uzair is the Biblical Ezra or Azariah we are not sure, or even someone else. If the Jewish people about whom the Ayah is revealed did not believe in the divinity of Uzair they would have opposed the Quran for its false claim (Glory to God).

c) The Quran’s narration of their belief must be accepted at least as an eye witness historian.

Answered by: Sheikh Mansour Leghaei