Is there a specific reason why the 8th holy Imam was given the title of ‘Al-Ridha’?


I would like to know if there was a specific reason as to why the 8th holy Imam was given the title of ‘Al-Ridha’ by Allah (swt), or was it not?

Is it not true that all the ma’sumeen were ‘Raadhi bil qadri wal qadhaa’.

What makes this Imam special in this that he is remembered as Al-Ridha?


There are three famous reasons as to why our 8th Imam is called al-Ridha:

1. Because he was pleased with Allah in the heaven and with the Prophet (P) on eath.
2. Because both his friends and foes were pleased with him.
3. Because the king of his time ‘Ma’moon’ gave that title to him.

Of course all our Imams (a.s) were pleased with Allah, as they were all truthful (Imam Sadiq), knowledgeable (Imam Baqir) etc, but as they are manifestations of different Divine Names, their titles seem different.

And God knows best.

Answered by: Sheikh Mansour Leghaei