Is it wajib (obligatory) for the wife to be submissive in everyday chores to her husband?


Is it wajib (obligatory) for the wife to be submissive in everyday chores to her husband, even when he doesn’t want to understand his wife’s feelings, and doesn’t take care for his wife’s financial independence. Is the wife responsible only?


Within an Islamic marriage, it is the husband’s responsibility to provide for his wife and children’s living needs, to a level considered usual or customary in his community or society.

It is the wife’s responsibility to obey her husband in matters that do not go against the rules of Islam. However, it is not wajib upon her to perform housework or chores. If she chooses to do so, she can request payment from her husband for this. As for recommendations for a happy marriage, it is recommended Islamically for a husband to make his wife and children comfortable financially so that they do not feel needy, and it is recommended that the husband looks after providing and doing chores outside the home, while the wife does chores inside the home and raises the children.