Is it true that the Ahlul-Bayt will return to Earth after the revolution of Imam Mahdi?


About the concept of Al-Raj’a (the Return) of Ahlul-Bayt (a.s.), is it a core belief of the Shia? What are the Quranic proofs or some Ahadith supporting this opinion? Also, is it true that all the Imams (a.s) along with Rasool Allah (s) will return and so will individuals like Pharoah, Hamam, Muawiyah, Yazid etc.?

Also is there any basis to the claim some Shia make that Imam Ali (a.s) will return and rule the earth after the revolution of Imam Al-Hujjah(ajfs)?


Al-Raj’a is the belief that after the reappearance of Imamal-Mahdi, he (atfs) will bring back to life special people from among his Shi’a, by the leave of God. Some or all of the Imams and prophets will also be brought back to life. This is a belief unanimously held by the Shia’ scholars, as is expressed by Sheikh al-Saduq in al-I’tiqadat.

Sheikh al-Saduq says in his book al-I’tiqadat: “Our belief in al-Raj’a is that it is true”. He then refers to the stories of Bani Israil, the people ofthe Cave and Prophet Jesus’ miracles as Qur’anic proofs that al-Raj’a occurred in previous nations. (see ayah 2:243, 2:259, 2:56, 5:110).

Also, Sheikh Hurr Al-Amili narrates a large number of narrations proving al-Raj’a, including the following:

·  In Ziyaratul Jami’a it is said: ‘May God…make me among those who are brought back to life during your Raj’a (i.e. the Raj’a of the Ahlul Bayt)’

·  Sheikh al-Saduq narrates in Ma’aniul Akhbar through an authentic chain that Imam al-Baqir (as) said: ‘There are three ‘days of God’: the Day when al-Qa’im will rise, the Day of al-Karra (the return, another word for al-Raj’a) and the Day of Resurrection’

·  There are many narrations that can be used to prove this issue. See the book: ‘al-Iqadh min al Haj’a bil Burhan alal Raj’a’by Sheikh Hurr Al Amili and Beharul-anwaar vol. 53 p.39

When it comes to the Imams and Prophets also coming back to life as part of al-Raj’a, Sheikh Al Amili presents the following proofs, which all talk about the Raj’a of the Ahlul Bayt in plural terms:

· It is narrated in Man La Yahdhuruhu Faqih thatImam al-Sadiq (as) said: “A person is not one of us if he does not believe in ourKarra (another term for Raj’a) and does not believe that Mut’a is permissible (temporary marriage)”

· Sheikh al-Tusi narrates in al-Misbahul Kabir that as part of the recommended actions of Friday one should recite a salam to all the Ahlul Bayt then say: ‘..(I am) with you, with you, not with your enemy, I believe in your high status, and I affirm your (i.e. the Ahlul Bayt) raj’a (return)…”

· The same theme is mentioned in Zaiyarat Jamiatul Kabira as narrated by Sheikh al-Saduq and Sheikh al-Tousi in ‘Al Tahthib’, through authentic chains. The plural is always used when referring to al-Raj’a, indicating all the Ahlul Bayt will be part of al-Raj’a.

It seems that after the reappearance of Imam al-Mahdi(atfs), the very best and very worst of people will be brought back to life and the Imams will rule as they should have ruled in their first life and will overcome their oppressors. In this way, justice will be served on earth before it is served in the Hereafter.