Is it true that if someone abstains from sins, they are given special powers and abilities?


I have been approached by numberous guys who claim that some scholars such as Imam Khomeini and Ayatollah Bahjat had special powers and abilities, where they could go to any part of the world using a rug, and they can read the mind of people by simpy looking at them. Is this true?

Is it true that if someone abstains from sins entirely, they are given special powers and the veil that covers our face is unveiled?


Man is the vicegerent of Allah on Earth and with His Leave and Permission, he can hear, see and know things that in an ordinary way, would not be possible. The way to attain that is mainly a blessing from Allah but the path to it is servitude to Him, the more servitude and refraining from sin, the more will be granted.

Walking on water, travelling from a place to another in a blink of an eye, reading the minds etc, are all possible for a man of God. Performance of such acts are not limited to the Prophets. The holy Quran quotes clearly the example of the minister of Prophet Solomon who brought the throne of the Queen of Shiva from miles away in less than a blink of an eye.

May God grant us the blessing to be His real and honest servants.

Sheikh Mansour Leghaei