Is it permissible to remove hair from all over the body except the eyebrows and head hair?


May I know whether it is permissible in Islam to remove hair from all over the body except the eyebrows and head hair?


The removal of the extra hairs of the body-by ltself- is a recommended act, given you observe the following rules and conditions:

1. It should not cause any serious harm to the body.

2. It should not involve a Haraam look or touch. Therefore, a strange male should not remove the body hairs of a female, or vice versa (unless in the matter of emergency like a medical emergency). Also, if the removal of pubic hairs is done by a female for a female, touching and looking at private part should be avoided. The same applies for men. If observing this condition is difficult then a male/female should do it for their own selves.

3. In the Shi’a Fiqh (Jurisprudence) there is no problem to remove or trim the eyebrows. However, in some cultures young and unmarried girls do not usually trim their eyebrows. Young girls living in those areas are expected to respect that culture.

4. Men shaving the beard is not allowed.

Answered by: Sheikh Mansour Leghaei