Is Islamic music considered Haraam?


Would Islamic music be considered Haraam? Regarding Sami Yousef or Maher Zain for example, where the essence of their songs are primarily related to Prophet Muhammad (saws) and Allah (swt), yet the instruments involved are also used in modern day music? Which instruments are considered Haraam, and which are permissible to use?


Musical instruments which are used in gatherings of sin (e.g. nightclubs and other places where people gather sinfully) are haram. Instruments which are used for purposes other than in gatherings of sin, are permissible to use.

Therefore, ‘Islamic songs’ that do not use instruments primarily used in gatherings of sin are permissible to listen to if their lyrics are also free from any impermissible things.

It is also important to remember that men cannot listen to women singing, even if the lyrics and instruments are okay.

In general, while some music is permissible to listen to, there is always room for taking precaution by not listening to music.