I have done an abortion and now I’m extremely regretful! How do I seek forgiveness?


I have a question, a question I am hoping that you have an answer for. Sheikh, I have made a really bad mistake. A mistake that I want forgiveness for… I am married to a man but we are still not living together, it is only ‘aqd. Hé made me pregnant and I decided that I want to make an abortion because we had a bad time and I wasn’t sure about us.

The baby was about 3 months old and I didn’t know that I was pregnant before I took a test after 3 months. It was the first time we had intimacy, so I didn’t even think about it. I told my husband the news and he wanted to keep the child, but I told him no because of alot a personal things with him. Hé supported me and went with me to the hospital and I got an abortion.

I feel so bad about it!! Trust me I do! It was almost 2 years ago now! I am so stupid! What should I do to get forgiveness ? Someone told me that in this case you need to give gold or money? Is that true? You need to help me because I dont want to die with this sin!


Dear sister,

I wish you had asked us before you went for the abortion. We could have avoided it.

Yes,what you have committed is a mortal sin, and you definitely need to repent to God in the following ways:

1. make sure you regret what you’ve done and intend to never to do it again.

2. pay a compensation of about 470 grams of gold: you have to work out how much it will be in your currency. This money should be given to your husband if he was against the abortion and is demanding compensation, otherwise, you just need to give some charity or sponsor an orphan.

3. in the future, try to talk to ladies who may be in a similar situation as you were, in order  to change their minds about abortion.

4. finally, don’t ever think or talk about your story again, and Allah is most Merciful.

Answered by: Sheikh Mansour Leghaei