How to offer Salat (prayers) on airplane?


How does one pray on an airplane? How do I find the Qibla (prayer direction), and can I pray whilst sitting down?


It is a very spiritual experience to pray in the air and of course it is an obligation too. So make sure you don’t miss it! You can find out the local time either by looking outside or by asking the cabin crew. Also, usually you can find Mecca in Saudi Arabia on your screen, otherwise, simply ask the cabin crew to help you find the direction of Saudi Arabia and Mecca in particular.

Then, if you are allowed to offer your prayer in a standing position, you can find a place where you can stand for prayer. Otherwise, just offer your prayer whilst seated in your chair, positioning your face towards the Qibla. Remember to take off your shoes. For Ruku’ you can just bend a bit forward and keep your hands on your knees, and for Sojood you may put your stone on your food tray. Remember to touch the floor with your big toes.  If the Qibla is in your opposite direction, then sit in front of your chair – facing your chair – to face the Qibla and put your stone on your chair for Sojood.

Answered by: Sheikh Mansour Leghaei

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