How important are Islamic values when choosing a spouse?


I have been faced with a wedding proposal. I have spoken with the guy with the permission of my family and vice versa for him. We both get along very well. Both understand each other quite well, however he is not practising which is something I had to consider. He has told me he is willing to learn and wishes to start praying asap. I have accepted that but I have now found out that in his house itself, no one prays. Including the mother who should be a role model for her children. I am struggling to come to terms with going into a house where there is no fear of God. No ibadah. No sense or values of Islam being practised. Please help me find an answer. How do I go about this. Is it not wrong for me to go into a house with no Islamic structure knowingly!?


You are right to be concerned about this aspect of this man and his family’s life. If you are a practising Muslim with Islamic values, it will be very difficult for yourself and your future children to live Islamically healthy lives. There is also a high chance of conflict between you and your future husband and in-laws due to clashes in values.

It may be better for you to wait for a proposal from a practising Muslim who shares at least your most basic and fundamental values, and who practices Islam at least on a basic level.

Making a decision with you and your children’s future spiritual well-being in mind will guarantee that Allah SWT will look after you in future.

Answered by: Dr Ali Alsamail
Certified by: Sheikh Mansour Leghaei