How can Islam be a religion of peace?


“Islam is a religion of peace”. If this is so, then why is it that all terrorists around the world are Muslims or either use Islam as a camouflage? Why is it that Muslims show no celmency when it comes to making judgments or punishments, unlike other religions like Christianity? Why are Muslims so wicked even though they are fighting for their rights? These questions really baffle me as a Muslim!


I seek refuge in Allah from the deception of Shaitan, the cursed one.

In the name of Allah, the most kind, the most merciful.

There is no doubt at all that Islam is a religion of Peace for those who surrender themselves to their creator Allah (God) only, nothing more. It is also the provider of Peace for those who have respect for peace.

The picture of Islam has been portrayed by some ignorant Muslims, and at the same time, by arrogant powers of the West, and the enemies of Islam, in order to change the image of Islam.

As for Islamic law, it has to be derived from the Holy Quarn and the Traditions of Holy Prophet (p.b.u.h), trough the reliable sources ( Ahlul-Bayt & selected companions of Holy Prophet). If this is done, you will see the true meaning of kindness and mercy. The same way that if you seek medical advice from the professional medical experts, you will get the right advice, but if seek it from a voodoo, what do you expect?

Another thing we Muslims need to be aware of is that the arrogant West has two popular names that they use: sometimes they use ‘terrorist’, and at other times they used ‘freedom fighter’, as it suits them.

May Allah keep you & me on the right part.

Answered by: Sheikh Jafar Fathullah