Doesn’t Ayah 9 of Surah 62 make Friday prayers obligatory to offer?


When one looks at Ayat no.9 in Surat Jum’a (Friday), it seems that it was revealed particularly to inform the believers of their obligation towards Salaatul jum’ah (Friday prayers). I have heard that that contrary to the above, this Ayah was revealed to order the cease of transactions at the time of Salaatul Jum’a.

How does the Ayat prove the later and NOT the more obvious previous explanation?


Becasue the Ayah doesn’t say ‘perform the Friday prayer’ (اقيموا صلاة الجمعه), to say its imperative and hence we must offer it.

What it says is: اذا نودي للصلاه

That means that when and only when, and if it was called for Friday prayer, then cease your transaction. Thus, calling for Friday prayer (based on the Ayah itself) is not Wajib (obligatory), what is Wajib according to the Ayah is ceasing the transaction at the time of Friday. prayer.

It is like I say: “if (or when) you go to the mosque, you should take off your shoes”. This doens’t mean its Wajib to go to the mosque, what is Wajib is taking off shoes when at the mosque.

Sheikh Mansour Leghaei