Does Islam allow men to wear earrings and have body piercings?


I wanted to know what the Prophet and the Holy Imams (peace be upon them all) had to say on men wearing earrings, and body piercings. What exactly is allowed for men and women, and what is not? I have been asked by many friends and simply told them I do not know of any narrations specifically, only I cannot ever imagine a Prophet or Imam of Islam ever getting a piercing. Please help.


Anything which is considered by society or custom to be feminine or womanly should not be worn by a man. Anything that would associate a person with a particular sinful group (e.g. homosexuals or illicit drug users or gang members) should also not be worn. Anything which may harm the body, leading to infections or other medical problems, is also not allowed. Having said that, there is no specific prohibition against piercings or earrings in general, although of course this does not befit a believer.