Can we pray with oil (e.g. coconut oil) on our hair?


I wanted to know if you can pray with oil (coconut oil) on your hair. I’ve been told for anything that smells, you will need to take a full bath, so that you do not have any smell on you. In the hadith, it says Prophet Muhammad (s) used to oil his hair before prayers. So can we pray with oil on our hair?


There is no problem with praying with coconut oil in your hair, assuming the oil is Tahir (Islamically clean) and not Najis (Islamically unclean). Keep in mind though, having oil in your hair during wudhu may obstruct the water from the wudhu to reach your scalp, which invalidates the wudhu). But in regards to the prayer, there is no harm in it. Also, it is mustahab (recommended) to apply perfume before you pray, this was a well narrated tradition of the Holy Prophet (pbuh&hp). Perfume will counter act any smell that may be present on your body or clothes, and as long as your body and clothes are tahir (pak), there is no need for a bath.

Answered by: ATS Admin
Certified by: Sheikh Mansour Leghaei