Can Muslims and non-Muslims both pray their own prayers in the same room?


I am a teacher in a college. In the college, Muslims & non-Muslim students were placed in the same room. Can we tolerate it if the non-Muslim student wants to pray to their God (they bring the pictures and small statues of their God) while they can tolerate on our prayers?

What is the best solution? Is it to tolerate, or not to have the different types of students praying in the same room?


Many colleges, hospitals and other places do not have the ability to allow separate prayer rooms for students/employees of different religions.
There is no problem with praying in a room where followers of other religions may also pray. One should try their best not to pray towards a Christian cross, or any sort of statue, or to cover it if possible.
Otherwise, there is no problem in praying in a shared prayer room. In fact, it may be a good opportunity to introduce our daily prayers to people of other religions.

Answered by: Dr Ali Alsamail
Certified by: Sheikh Jafar Fathullah