Best 3 Proofs for the validity of Shia Islam?


In your opinion, what are the first and best 3 proofs that we can bring forward to prove the validity of Shia Islam to our Sunni brothers and sisters? That includes Ayat from the Quran, Hadiths e.t.c.

thank you


Thanks for your question.

1st proof:

1. Loving the kinship of the holy Prophet (P) is obligatory according to the clear teachings of the Quran. See for example: Surah 42, Ayah 23

2. If you truly love someone you will follow them, otherwise its only a lip service. Allah (SWT) states: Say if you (truly) love Allah then follow me (as His messenger). 3:31

Conclusion: Muslims must follow the path of Ahlul-bayt to reach to the true Islam.

2nd Proof:

1. Allah has thoroughly purified Ahlul-Bayt (P) from any sin or making any mistake: 33:33.

2. It is a common sense to follow the one who is free from sins and mistakes.

Conclusion: we must only follow Ahlul-bayt of the Prophet (P) to reach to true Islam.

3rd proof:

1. Allah has referred us to our common sense that: those who know and those who don’t know are not equal. 39:9

2. Imam Ali (P) was the most learned person after the Prophet (P). While other companions very often would confess that they did not know the answers of many religious issues, Imam Ali (P) was always asking people to ask him what they didn’t know.

Conclusion: Imam Ali (P) fits best to refer to and be the successor of the Prophet (P). The same argument applies between Abu-Hanifa for example and Imam Sadiq (P).

Sheikh Mansour Leghaei