Are women allowed to wear shoes with heels that make a stamping noise?


Surah 24:31 “…And let them not stamp their feet to make known what they conceal of their adornment…”

I understand that the above verse refers to the noise made from jewellery worn around the ankles, but I was wondering if it also refers to wearing heels? Even a 1cm heel will make a ‘stamping’ noise.


Anything which draws attention to a woman’s beauty should be avoided. We also have a principle in jurisprudence that ‘the ruling rotates around the given reasons’, which means when a reason is given for a certain rule we can apply it to similar situation where the same reason is applicable. The above Ayah is prohibiting them to stamp their feet so that their adornment that is supposed to be covered is not revealed. Thus, what is prohibited is revealing the hidden adornment because it will draw men’s attention and provoke them agianst women.

So if wearing high heels (that is seen as higher than what ladies normally wear) draws attention and reveals some hidden parts of a woman’s body, it should be avoided. Moreover, for the same reason that a jurist would deduct another rule by saying that if she puts her hair in a bun so high up that it looks like a horse’s tail or a big horn, again it is forbidden because she is revealing what is to be hidden (her hair).

Answered by: Sheikh Mansour Leghaei