Are vaccines allowed to be taken, even if there might be haram (forbidden) things in them?


In this time there are pros and cons for vaccinations: there are some people who think that vaccines are illegitimate or haram, viewed in terms of materials used to make vaccines. Some products derived from animal and human tissue make them “haram” or unlawful for Muslims to take.

Some others said that in terms of ingredients in vaccines, there are so many things that are probably haram, but in the absence of an alternative, we are allowed to take it for the sake of our health. Whereas vaccination in most countries (including my own) are very important role to prevent some diseases, espescially for children.

What would be the ruling on these?


If it is proven that vaccines are essential to control the spread of many harmful and fatal diseases, as is the widely accepted view among experts in medicine and infection control, then it is halal (permissible).